Thailand sets base prices for 4G auctions

Dylan Bushell-Embling
02 Apr 2014
Daily News

Thai regulator NBTC has set the reserve prices for two LTE spectrum auctions due to take place this year.

The reserve price for 5 MHz of 1800-MHz spectrum has been set at 5 billion baht ($154.5 million), the Bangkok Postreported. The 1800-MHz auction is scheduled to take place in August, with 25 MHz expected to be put on the block.

The NBTC has also indicated it will set a reserve price of 9 billion baht for a 5 MHz block on the 900-MHz band, in an auction due to be held in November. This auction will be for 17.5 MHz of spectrum currently being used by AIS.

Another 50 MHz of 1800-MHz spectrum will be auctioned in September 2015.

The reserve prices are based on recommendations from the ITU, which was engaged by NBTC last year to advise on the auction process.

The regulator wants to avoid a repeat of the ill-fated 2.1-GHz 3G auction in 2012, which ended with just a 2.8% premium over the reserve prices. The base price for a 5 MHz block was set at 4.5 billion baht, the three participants were each prohibited from bidding for more than 15 MHz and there was 45 MHz available.

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