Thank you and until we meet again

31 May 2019

For more than 30 years, participants and observers in Asia-Pacific’s telecommunications sector have come to rely on Telecom Asia as the penultimate source of news and insights about the industry.

Telecom Asia leaves the industry at a time of rebirth. The arrival of 5G service to the region, and the world, is a testament to our observation that nothing is permanent except the quest for innovation.

The editorial team comprised of Fiona Chau, Dylan Bushell-Embling and myself thank you for your years of continued support. We are grateful to have been at your side as the industry transitioned from fixed lined communication to the now almost ubiquitous mobile scene.

We hope that you have enjoyed and benefited from our relentless pursuit of all things communications, and look forward to perhaps catching up with you in a future, yet to be defined, medium.

Until we meet again.

Allan Tan
Editor-in-Chief, Telecom Asia

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