Ticketing goes mobile

10 Jun 2008

The large number of mobile subscribers worldwide is making mobile ticketing (m-ticketing) a more lucrative option for both service providers and ticket issuers. According to Juniper Research, all mobile ticketing sectors will expand from 2007-2011, with the growth to be most pronounced in the travel and sporting events sectors.

The predominantly operator-led m-ticketing pilots, done mainly for marketing purposes, are now being replaced by commercial deployments. Major travel and sporting events organizations - such as the International Air Travel Association, the UK's Association of Train Operating Companies and US Major League Baseball - are all supporting or endorsing m-ticketing.

Particularly for the travel sector, industry groups are now developing standards that will allow inter-operability - an important enabler for the widespread use of m-ticketing.

The research firm projects more than 2.6 billion m-ticketing transactions by end-2011 - a significant cash cow for service providers that are generating revenue on a per-transaction basis. And it's not just the actual transaction value that is drawing ticket issuers into the m-ticketing fold. Benefits for ticket issuers include reduced costs, better security to help fight against fraud, improved environmental footprint by reducing paper use, the ability to issue and deliver "last-minute" tickets, and the ability to link the ticket with other mobile VAS.

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