Top 10 Telecom Definitions of 2007

SearchTelecom Staff
01 Jan 2007

Ok we admit it;we were curious. We wanted to know what telecom terms you and the searching masses have been looking up this year. So we checked on the top 10 most requested SearchTelecom WhatIs definitions and here's what we found on your hit parade but we couldn't resist commentary.

1. What is a switch‾We know you know this one and we're sure you sent the definition out to all of your friends and relatives who want to understand what you're talking about at cocktail parties. Well done.

2. What is CDMA‾Code-Division Multiple Access: No wonder everyone is checking as the game of 'Where in the world is CDMA‾' continues around the globe. So sad. GSM didn't make the 2007 Top 10. Where will it all end‾

3. What is MPLSMultiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) was one of the year's hottest telecom topics so the need for a serious definition is obvious. But please don't send us any more MPLS's this year. We're still regifting the extras we got last year.

4. What is OSPF‾Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) not second first. But what if someone gave you a Version 3 last year and you're still running IPv4‾ Sorry it's not backwards compatible.

5. What is BGP‾Border Gateway Protocol – like we've said repeatedly this core routing protocol does nothing less than make the Internet work. If you were looking for the global geophysical service contractor sorry. We hope you learned something here anyway.

6. What is a DSLAM‾Why does everyone keep checking this one‾ We've told you again and again a DLSAM has no place on your coffee table! We suggest a high-quality Transport MPLS (T-MPLS) coffee-table book instead for when the conversation naturally turns to overlay control planes.

7. What is IPTV‾That is indeed the question that must be answered sooner rather than later. Exactly what is IPTV and how will networks ultimately be architected to provide it‾

8. What is a passive optical network‾PONs are a big hit with the 'going green' crowd which puts you right up there with the 2007 trend-setters. And PONs are so much more effective than passive-aggressive networks which are no fun to be around anyway.

9. What is OSS‾Operational support system (OSS) not Open source software not Open Sound System. Our OSS isn't a rock-star acronym. It's simply essential which apparently you know already.

10. What is DWDM‾Wavelengths all those colors. DWDM is the new black. It's great to be in such a fashionable industry.

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