Top 10 wireless predictions for 2013

Juniper Research
20 Dec 2012
1. Big Data to become big business
While the scale of data generated by mobile sensors, services and applications presents challenges to network providers, that data can in turn provide insight into consumer behaviour and allow service providers to anticipate future behaviour patterns.
Hence, 2013 will see not only continuing, dramatic growth in consumer data usage, but a far greater demand for actionable/predictive analytics solutions from players across the mobile value chain. But in some countries, adoption may be tempered by concerns about consumer privacy and data protection.
2. Smart glasses and other wearables: 2013, the year of ‘announcements’
Classified as a 'future form factor' for computing devices, next generation wearables, including smart glasses and other head-mounted displays, will provide a multitude of functions either independently or in conjunction with a third party platform. Juniper Research expects 2013 to be the 'launch year' for wearable devices, with device announcements and launches expected from key influential players such as Apple and Microsoft, following in Google's footsteps.
As an adjunct to the smartphone revolution which has freed consumers from only being able to access information at home or work, sales of next-gen wearables, which allow the user to stay connected at all times, are likely to be fuelled by this trend as they allow consumers to access information, particularly social information, constantly and in an unobtrusive way.
3. BYOD trend on the rise, as security issues escalate
As enterprise increasingly base their strategies around the need for mobility, security applications have become a critical element within those strategies. However, with the increasing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, organizations are having to re-assess their mobile device as well as security policies, most notably device and data ownership and employee privacy.
The transition to a BYOD-centric environment has implications for corporate strategy that need to be addressed. Remedial measures have to be implemented via new device management policies and the introduction of new security procedures. We expect mobile device management platform to be the umbrella under which important security and management functions will fall - including policy management, secure access based on strong authentication, data protection and device protection.
Likewise, the proliferation of downloadable free and paid apps that can be easily installed on mobile devices along with the adoption of mobile commerce and high volume of data usage opens up the device towards possible threats and risks. We should anticipated that 2013 will see the risk of crimes such as identity theft, apart from headline grabbing malwares, which will serve as a strong motivator for users to adopt mobile security software.


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