Singapore's NG-NBN netco OpenNet has filed for approval to consolidate its shares under a single parent company.
But the deal is likely to come under close scrutiny from regulators due to a connection between the proposed buyer and SingTel.
OpenNet's four shareholders are seeking to sell their stakes to CityNet, trustee manager for NetTrus

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Japan’s Naver has stepped in to end speculation about privacy by reaffirming that chat logs of its popular Line IM app would only be released to authorities when presented with a Japanese court order.
NHN CEO Akira Morikawa rebutted claims from the Thai police that claimed Line was secretly cooperating with them in sharing chat logs.

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There seems to be an undercurrent of people who think that whistleblowers do what they do for their five minutes of fame; that journalists collaborate and write these stories for fame and money.

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Despite the progress of the mobile internet, smart devices and social networks, the digital society is still in its infancy.
The internet remains primarily a channel for information acquisition, digital entertainment and e-commerce.

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Service providers of all types are grappling with the operational challenges of managing the massive amounts of data, both unstructured and structured, being generated by their always-connected customer base.
Such data takes on many different formats including image, voice, message and web traffic.

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Thailand’s crackdown on freedom of expression on the internet continues in top gear, with the Department of Special Investigations taking on a case against an opposition MP who re-shared a photoshopped picture of the Prime Minister implicitly comparing her to a rhinoceros.

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Infinera and DANTE have teamed up to get themselves a new line in the record books, literally.

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A corruption probe into Juniper Networks threaten to put a dampener on the network vendor's otherwise solid short-term growth prospects, according to Zachs Investment Research.
Juniper late last week disclosed that it is under investigation by the US Department of Justice and the SEC for possible violations under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

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With the dust still yet to settle from a threat to arrest anyone liking stories damaging to national security, Thailand’s e-cops have gone on the rampage again, asking to listen in on Line instant messaging and threatening western social media platforms with retaliation for their lack of cooperation.

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Telcos are facing slower revenue growth, resulting in a slowdown in capital investment.

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