Traffic management techniques for mobile broadband networks

3G Americas
25 Jan 2011

Broadband deployment is a central preoccupation of most if not all countries.

Mobile broadband will play a significant role, particularly in developing countries, in realizing the vision of a “connected” society in which people have timely access to the people, information and services they desire.

Presently, a number of countries are contemplating what strictures if any might be appropriate to impose on broadband internet access providers related to consumer access to content, applications and services via the Internet. In doing so, many have recognized that network management allowances need to be preserved, but what that means has been less than fully articulated.

This white paper details the importance of network management – and in particular traffic management or how network operators handle variable packet flows – for ensuring high quality services to consumers and overall network reliability.

This white paper originally published on 3G Americas

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