Trusted WLAN architectures and deployment options for ISW networks

Wireless Broadband Alliance & Small cell Forum
19 Apr 2016

This white paper is the second deliverable of the ongoing collaboration between the Small Cell Forum (SCF) and Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) in the area of integrated Small-Cell Wi-Fi (ISW) networks.

The first white paper provided an overview of the various ISW network architectures and highlighted various deployment aspects. It was then observed that an important part of the architecture, namely the Trusted WLAN that connects the Wi-Fi access points, access controllers and 3GPP-defined gateways (TWAG/TWAP), was not being addressed by any standards development organization (SDO) or by any industry body.

So, SCF-WBA Joint Task Force (JTF) took up the task of examining and documenting the architectural options, interfaces and deployment aspects of the TWAN. The JTF also took this opportunity to conduct a comprehensive survey of a number of MNOs, MSOs, integrated operators and vendors to understand the industry perspective on the business and deployment status and plans of ISW networks.

This paper is a result of these efforts and contains the results of this comprehensive industry survey, as well as TWAN architecture, interface and deployment details.

This white paper was originally published on Wireless Broadband Alliance website

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