Twitter has 105m users, delivers 55m daily tweets

Dylan Bushell-Embling
16 Apr 2010

Social networking site Twitter has more than 105 million users, a figure which is growing at a rate of 300,000 per day.

It delivers 55 million tweets a day and has 180 million unique visitors to each month, co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone said at Chirp, the firm’s developer conference. A majority of users – 60% - come from outside the US.

At the current rate, it is on pace to double in size this year.

Twitter has a powerful developer ecosystem, FT.comsaid, with 75% of traffic served by external Twitter clients. The site has 100,000 registered Twitter apps, and receives 3 billion API calls per day, according to GigaOM.

The site also serves 19 billion searches per month – more than Yahoo and Bing combined, and second only to search giant Google. It has 175 employees.

In other Twitter news, the US Library of Congress has agreed to archive every public tweet sent since Twitter was founded four years ago, while a new “replay” feature from Google allows users to search for a term along a timeline.

Twitter this week unveiled its long-awaited search advertising platform, Promoted Tweets, as a way of finally making money from this rapid growth.

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