UICC in LTE: A guidance from SIMalliance

01 Jun 2010

UICC (Universal Integrated Chip Card) is a mandatory secure element of the LTE environment, ensuring safe and protected access to mobile LTE and IMS networks.

The SIMalliance is positioning UICC-based solutions within the LTE environment (all IP, always on, low latency, need of trust) as the “mandatory” means for carriers to offer differentiated, high-value premium services to their end-users.

Together with LTE network conveniences, the LTE UICC also offers operators and end-users an open catalogue of advantages.

Combining LTE UICC premium services to the SIM card, means operators will have an important role to play inside the mobile ecosystem. With the emerging applications and services moving towards the 4th generation of mobile networks, the UICC will help end-users to benefit from LTE in a secure and interoperable way.

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