UK jails pirate IPTV box suppliers for four years

Staff writer
20 Dec 2016
Daily News

Following the first legal case involving a supplier of IPTV and android-type systems which enable viewers to watch unauthorized content, a perpetrator has been jailed.

Terry O’Reilly was sentenced to four years in prison. A second supplier who worked with O’Reilly, Will O’Leary, pleaded guilty and received a two-year suspended prison sentence.

The Premier League brought a prosecution against O’Reilly and O’Leary because they both sold devices to pubs and consumers which facilitated mass piracy, including the broadcasting of Premier League football on unauthorized foreign channels.

The case was heard at Nottingham Crown Court where O’Leary and O’Reilly were both convicted for Conspiracy to Defraud. In bringing the prosecution the Premier League was supported by FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) following a significant investigation by the City of London Police.

“This case is particularly important as it is the first involving sellers of so-called IPTV devices which enable people to watch illegal content,” said Kevin Plumb, Premier League director of legal services.

“The courts have provided a clear message — this is against the law and selling systems which allow people to watch unauthorized Premier League broadcasts is a form of mass piracy and is sufficiently serious to warrant a custodial sentence,” said Plumb. “There can now be no doubt for consumers that these systems are illegal.”

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