UK said to reject calls for Huawei 5G ban

25 Apr 2019
Daily News

The UK government has reportedly approved Huawei supplying some 5G equipment for operators in the nation despite warnings from intelligence agencies and the US government of a potential security risk.

Leaked discussions believed to have been held at the UK government's National Security Council meeting from Tuesday indicate that Huawei will be able to supply non-core 5G network components including antennas, the BBCreported.

According to the leaked details, the UK's prime minister Teresa May ignored warnings from some senior ministers to make the decision.

Approval would also put the UK government at odds with its Five Eyes allies the US and Australia, which have made moves to ban Huawei from providing 5G equipment in their respective markets.

While the UK government has denied that a final decision has been made, government ministers are alsocalling for a full investigation into the leak of the National Security Council discussions about Huawei.

Huawei has repeatedly denied concerns from the US and some other nations that its equipment could be used to facilitate espionage by the Chinese government.

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