The urban unconnected

IHS Markit on behalf of Wireless Broadband Alliance
10 Jul 2017

This research was commissioned by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) to the research and consulting firm IHS Markit. The white paper is the result of the research conducted on the topic of the digital divide and urban unconnected across eight leading countries (Brazil, China, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America) with deep dive studies provided for five global cities.

The paper delivered significant results providing insight and intelligence on many topics including the issue of the digital divide, the dynamics of urban and rural unconnected individuals, and on the impact of connectivity in the life of citizens. The research was carried out through primary and secondary research and was complemented by interviews with city authorities and experts on the issue of digital divide and connectivity.

This white paper first appeared on Wireless Broadband Alliance website

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