US consumers want more value from wireless, survey says

Mike Jude/Frost & Sullivan
30 Dec 2009

In a landmark study by Stratecast, US residential consumers were asked about their preferences on a number of communications services.

Results of this survey, which Stratecast will release in a series of reports beginning in January, illuminate a number of communications transitions taking place in the consumer space, including a possible shift in how subscribers view wireless as a replacement for traditional wireline telephone service.

In particular, the study revealed that while "cord-cutting" (switching from a landline to wireless service) is continuing, there may be barriers approaching that will curtail this telecom trend if left unaddressed by carriers.

Consumers like their cell phones very much, but feel they derive higher value from their landline phones. Ultimately, this lower value perception may convince consumers that staying with a landline is the best option.

Comparisons between wireless and wireline telephone service begin with assessments of quality and value. Likewise, this survey also began with those two dynamics. Consumers rated their cellular service very highly on average. The following chart shows how customers in the survey sample rated their cellular service quality.

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