Users rewrite the mobile playbook

Users rewrite the mobile playbook

Chee Sing Chan and Joseph Waring  |   February 15, 2011
Telecom Asia

A dynamic shift has occurred in the technology landscape in recent years - a shift so significant that CIOs and IT managers face a nightmare that they've spent years trying overcome by telling users what technology to use, as well as when and how to use it. 

That nightmare is complete chaos and utter loss of control.

People power and the consumerization of ICT is the No. 1 challenge facing companies around the world today.

Once upon a time executives would find their office environment gleaming with the latest technology while most homes were still struggling to get internet connections. Look around today and it has completely switched around where office technology is now antiquated and vastly inferior to what we can experience and are accustomed to at home.

And no where is this change and frustration being felt as much as in the mobile space.

IDC predicts that 2011 will see a "Mobilution" - a "perfect storm" created by the evolution of different areas of technology combining to create a revolution in mobility. Its 2011 Technology Predictions report notes that tablets like iPads and large-screen smartphones can now run almost fully functional versions of all enterprise software and services. 

"With the move toward cloud computing, we are now seeing many of these IT systems being delivered in virtualized environments minimizing the importance of device-based computing power," said Avneesh Saxena, a VP at IDC Asia Pacific. "It truly is 'Everything' going mobile, and IDC believes 2011 will be the catalyst year for this."

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