Verizon restructures as it prepares to launch 5G

Rob Powell / Telecom Ramblings
06 Nov 2018

As it prepares to roll out 5G for real, US operator Verizon is realigning its internal structure to hopefully reflect the new realities of the networking business. The company is shifting toward customer-facing operating groups backed by a common network operations organization.

Verizon Consumer Group, led by Ronan Dunne, will include the consumer-focused pieces of Verizon Wireless and the wireline group (FIOS etc) as well as wireless wholesale. Verizon Business Group, led by Tami Erwin, will encompass the business, enterprise, and government components of the same two groups.

And Verizon Media Group/Oath, led by Guru Gowrappan will hold the company's media, advertising, and related businesses. Meanwhile, Verizon's Global Network 7 Technology group will be led by Kyle Malady, and will serve all three's operational needs.

After making several moves in the media business culminating in the purchase of Yahoo, Verizon clearly is hoping to find the right formula to achieve better growth opportunities for the combined company.

They are also recognizing that with 5G the line between wireless and wireline is becoming less distinct. The services being delivered are increasingly similar, and the technologies being deployed at the edge often fit in both worlds.

The realignment takes effect on New Year's day, 2019.

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