Viacom, Snapchat firm up content, ad deal

Staff writer
15 Feb 2016
Daily News

Viacom and Snapchat has started efforts through a global partnership for offerings aimed at millennial and post-millennial audiences.

The deal brings two channels to Snapchat Discover -- a Comedy Central International channel and an MTV Channel in the United States, which will complement the “already successful” Comedy Central and MTV International Discover channels.

The agreement also grants Viacom the right to sell Snapchat’s US-owned and operated advertising inventory, allowing Viacom to offer even more value to television advertisers who want to add Snapchat’s video platform to the media mix.

In addition, Viacom also has agreed to provide Snapchat with expanded access so the latter can produce Live Stories covering more of Viacom's tent-pole events.

In addition to selling its advertising alongside its own content on Snapchat Discover, Viacom will now also have the right to sell Snapchat’s US-owned and operated ad inventory. Viacom is the only television company to have this arrangement with Snapchat.

On the content side of the deal, Viacom will further invest in the creation of original premium video content specifically for Snapchat Discover, reinforcing Viacom’s innovative approach and dedication to delivering fans globally the content they want wherever they want to consume it.

While MTV International and Comedy Central have previously been committed to creating original content on Discover, additional resources will now be put towards the launch of an MTV US Channel and a Comedy Central International channel on the platform.

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