Video Everywhere: Embracing end user experience

Huawei Technologies
02 Aug 2016

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Migration from 3G to 4G/4K era is at the peak, 80% of the data traffic will be video by 2019. Video will be the fundamental service and future strategy for operators. Video experience is becoming the business success for operators. The ways and scenarios of user experience have changed tremendously. This pressures operators and other video industry players to collaborate to develop the best user experience video service and build a win-win eco-system.

According to an Ovum research, over the top (OTT) video is the growth engine for the entire visual entertainment industry, and Asia Pacific OTT is one of the fastest growing video sectors contributing to the 2020 digital lifestyle. The biggest challenge with video being a basic service is the network transformation, from technology-driven to being customer-experience-driven. Streaming with high speed broadband is mandatory and customers will be hungry for broadband.

The move into a new era of Gigaband will see a proliferation of services and trends such as 4K video, virtual reality, smart home and cloud services. Huawei believes that an ultrafast, agile and simplified network is a must to enable continuous innovation at the front end. Huawei is developing an open system where the content players, operators deliver the best video quality for their end users.

Video will become the best content filling and fundamental service in ultra broadband era as a future strategy for operators. There are three categories where video will be fundamental service (i) entertainment, (ii)vertical industry and (iii)communication. From voice age to data age and then video age, user experience has been and will be the key factor for success of a new service. To achieve video business success, the best video experience is a default.

End user experience and satisfaction is the key which drives industries in future, and measurable evaluation of the video experience is the driving force for video service development. The U-vMOS (User, Unified, Ubiquitous-Mean Opinion Score for Video) system helps the video industry to measure and evaluate the experience of various video services on different networks and screens, promoting the development of the video industry.

U-vMOS (is a standard to measure video experience, which covers a wide array of video services on mobile terminals, PCs, and TVs, including the traditional entertainment video services (VOD and BTV), video surveillance, and video calls. With openness and collaboration between every core player in video industry chain, Huawei is building a video ecosystem, promoting video industry development together. Huawei initiates video experience evaluation system standards and together with ITU-T sets to accomplish the standards to contribute to video industry to achieve the best experience. Huawei also conducts Video Everywhere Summit, inviting operators, content providers, license agency and other video industry partners to discuss how to promote video development

Huawei also takes the lead on video content collaboration by hosting service to aggregate contents, helping operators solve the bottleneck of content acquisition. Solution collaboration is created through open source APIs, cameras, 4K technology, H.265 compression standards. Video service operators are focusing on developing new services and best practices for video service: 4K service of China Telecom, mobile video of LGU+, Cloud video service of China Mobile; these success stories set models to the whole video industry.

In conclusion, the development of video services is becoming an irresistible trend in the future. Video business has crucial strategic significance and business value to operators. Reality has proven that video business for operators can be successful, particularly in the areas of entertainment, communications, and industry verticals.

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