Video minority consumes majority of data

Michael Carroll
22 Mar 2011

The stats in favor of video content are stacking up, with metrics from 125 global cellcos revealing that a minority of mobile subscribers generate the majority of data traffic by accessing video services.

Figures collated from carriers using network optimization services from Bytemobile reveal that 9% of the nearly two billion subscribers served access video services each day. However, the bandwidth-heavy nature of mobile video means that less than 10% of that group generates the bulk of data traffic – 38%.

The metrics also show that 40% of all video traffic on mobile networks comes from the top 3% of videos requested.

That stat alone highlights the importance for carriers to keep their video content up-to-date, however the firm notes there are other reasons. Consumers are increasingly using video quality as a marker for network performance, and expectations of quality are increasing as users get more familiar with video services.

Videos of up to five minutes in length proved most popular in the current quarter to-date – inline with the firm’s 1Q10 analysis -, however most subscribers typically only watch about a minute.

The emphasis on quality is fuelling demand for network optimization. Bytemobile yesterday revealed it has closed deals with 36 carriers for its video optimization product in Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the US.

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