Vodafone Australia wins NB-IoT deal with CCP

05 Jul 2018
Daily News

Vodafone Australia has teamed up with IoT solutions provider CCP Technology to deliver control point monitoring solutions over its NB-IoT network.

Under the agreement, CCP deployed its first critical control point monitoring solution at the Sydney International Airport in May.

CCP provides services to the food industry, including solutions to satisfy food safety regulation, energy savings and waste reduction requirements.

The initial deployment at Velcoe Espresso is helping automate the cafe's refrigeration temperature monitoring processes, simplify record keeping for food safety compliance and provide immediate notification of changes to the refrigeration systems.

“We have been working closely with CCP since the launch of our NB-IoT network in Australia and are thrilled to welcome it into our growing suite of Vodafone NB-IoT customers,” Vodafone GM of enterprise business Neelum Prakash said.

“Many customers in the food industry work with industrial cool-rooms and refrigeration facilities located in basements – circumstances which require deep-indoor signal penetration offered by NB-IoT. CCP has recognised a great opportunity in an emerging market, and Vodafone is proud to help it deliver a solution which is disrupting the food industry,” she said.

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