Vodafone India offers free 3G data to 100k users

14 Jul 2015
Daily News

Vodafone India has come up with a novel way to promote the usage of 3G data in India and build brand loyalty.

The company recently offered 100,000 prepaid customers in Chennai 1GB of free 3G data, valid for 30 days after top-up credit was purchased.

The offer was extended to prepaid customers who hadn't yet used 3G mobile broadband and those who have minimal access to data under their plans.

Vodafone has been ramping up its marketing activity in Chennai. The company recently wrapped up a Speed is Good campaign, which involved extolling the virtues of 3G data and offering speed tests through 20,000 retailers in the state.

By way of showing appreciation, Vodafone also extended the free 3G data offer to these retailers involved in the campaign.

Vodafone India is the country's second largest operator by subscribers after Bharti Airtel. It has around 184 million customers nationwide, as well as around 3 million customers of its M-Pesa mobile wallet service.

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