Vonage fails in bid for patent case re-trial

04 May 2007

A US appeals court denied a request by Internet phone company Vonage that it order a retrial in the patent infringement case brought against it by Verizon Communications, a Reuters report said.

The Reuters report said the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, in a ruling turned down a motion by Vonage to have an infringement verdict by a lower court vacated because of a landmark patent ruling by the US Supreme Court.

The appeals court said Vonage can cite the new Supreme Court ruling as part of its pending appeal of the case, the Reuters report said.

Vonage had argued that the March 8 infringement verdict in favor of Verizon should be reconsidered after the Supreme Court loosened a key legal standard, making it easier to invalidate some patents on the grounds they are obvious inventions, the report added.

Verizon wants to stop Vonage from using its patented technologies. A federal jury in March found Vonage had infringed three patents, the report said.

On April 6, a federal judge in Alexandria, Virginia, said he would bar Vonage from adding new customers while it appeals the patent infringement finding.
However, the federal circuit appeals court has stayed the injunction while Vonage appeals the case, the report said.

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