Vserv.mobi integrates search with mobile ads

CMO Innovation editors
30 Apr 2014

Mobile advertising exchange Vserv.mobi launched last week Search Intent Ads, a new advertising format that integrates search into mobile ads.

This format is designed to help marketers attain relevant consumers and facilitate their buying decisions via a seamless in-ad search strategy.

Search Intent Ads are enabled via full screen mobile ads on the Vserv.mobi exchange across 150,000 apps and sites.

The ad format will leverage user intent and deep linking to drive these relevant consumers to the right purchase funnel.

Propelled by the growing prevalence of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, emerging markets like India and South East Asia experienced a doubling of mobile data traffic in 2013.

Mobile shopping has created a strong influence on the e-commerce sector, and mobile searches have been effective in helping consumers make crucial purchase decisions swiftly.

Studies show that 75% of mobile searches lead to follow-up actions such as purchases and word-of-mouth sharing.

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