Web 2.0 is the new 3G

02 Aug 2007

MediaConnect's Kickstart Forum

And since I'm pressed for time, I'll just share with you what may have been the best line of the whole event, from Vignette MD Robert Knickman:

"I hear the term "ËœWeb 2.0' and I'm almost offended by it. The Web has been in continuous evolution from the beginning, so how they arrived at 2.0, I have no idea. By my count we're on at least Web 8.0 or 9.0."

Good call.

He was being light-hearted about it, of course. And around here we'll keep calling it Web 2.0 for the sake of expedience since that's what everyone calls it now. Still, "Web 2.0" is fast becoming the new "3G": a convenient marketing term that otherwise has little meaning outside of the industry that spawned it.

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In related news, I'm on Facebook now. Feel free to poke me. Because it's the Web 2.0 thing to do.

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