Webinar: Get better indoor wireless coverage with analytics

18 Nov 2015

Walk-test measurements are often needed to verify in-building wireless deployments. The problem is that they’re time consuming and expensive. Ideally, data collection and analysis should be performed in a way that weeds out errors and minimizes the number of visits to the venue. But in major installations, scattered data creates challenges to analysis and post-processing, and organizing that data has to be done manually. When data collection is tightly integrated with an analytics solution, it’s possible to automate the process and perform real time quality checks, which gives you huge efficiency gains.

The webinar will lay out the challenges of in-building measurements and how to overcome them with an integrated e2e solution combining data collection and analytics. The presentation will further demonstrate how to streamline the process, what kind of tools to use and what kind of reports can be generated, as well as relevant KPIs such as RACH metrics and Macro ingress.


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