Webwire: EC probing Samsung patent suits; Carrier rejects Apple's iPhone terms

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07 Nov 2011

EC probing Samsung, Apple patent suits

The European Commission is investigating whether Samsung and Apple may have breached EU antitrust laws with their respective litigation over standards-essential patents.


US Cellular rejected terms for iPhone 4S

US Cellular, the nation's sixth largest carrier, has revealed it rejected Apple's terms for offering the iPhone 4S after deeming them “unacceptable” in terms of risk and profitability.


Google may offer pay TV on 1Gbps network

Google is considering offering pay TV services over its planned 1Gpbs test network - which will initially be deployed in two US cities – according to sources.

Wall Street Journal

Vodafone India grilled over MNP rejections

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has accused Vodafone India of rejecting a number of MNP requests due to claims of contractual obligations that are unjustified.

Economic Times

Yang pressed to resign from Yahoo

An activist investor in Yahoo has demanded co-founder Jerry Yang resign, or “recuse himself from any further discussions” on its behalf, in the wake of reports Yang is pushing for stake sales in the company to private equity buyers in a bid to retain a say in its operations.


Siri, Facebook threats to Google: Schmidt

Apple's new Siri service, and the trend of internet users turning to social networks to discover information online, pose challenges to Google's position in the search market. So argues Google chairman Eric Schmidt in a letter to regulators dismissing claims of search dominance.

Agence France-Presse

TOT, Cisco test online clinic for disasters

Thailand's TOT, local facility Rama Hospital and Cisco are collaborating on a pilot telepresence project to provide remote healthcare assistance in flooded or otherwise disaster-struck areas.

Bangkok Post

Internet weighs same as a strawberry

The electrons in motion which collectively make up the internet weigh around 50 grams, about the same as a large strawberry or a medium-sized egg, a US academic has estimated.


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