Webwire: Facebook may plan $10b IPO; OTE to sell Telekom Srbija stake

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30 Nov 2011

Facebook said to plan $10b IPO

A source claims Facebook is planning a $10 billion IPO at a price that would value the company at over $100 billion.

BBC News

OTE aims to sell Telekom Srbija stake

Greece's OTE is in talks to sell its 20% stake in Telekom Srbija back to the Serbian government, to help raise funds to shore it up during the Greek recession.


Investment firms said to plan rival Yahoo bids

Private equity firms Thomas H Lee Partners and Silver Lake Partners are considering competing bids to acquire Yahoo, with Silver Lake to backed up by Microsoft, according to two sources.


Hackers post list of UN email addresses

A hacker group calling itself TeamPoision has published over 100 email addresses and passwords it claims to have stolen from a United Nations agency. But the UN claims no active passwords are on the list, which dates back from 2007.

BBC News

Australia running out of mobile numbers

Australia faces depleting the supply of mobile numbers with the nationwide 04 prefix by 2017 – some 10 years earlier than originally anticipated – due to increasing demand for mobiles, tablets and other SIM-enabled devices.

Sydney Morning Herald

Microsoft launches HTML5 Windows Phone demo

Microsoft has produced a HTML5 mobile website designed to mimic the interface of Windows Phone 7.5, to give users on competing platforms such as Android and iOS the ability to try out the UI and attempt to convince them to jump ship.


Wi-Fi on laptops hurts sperm

Scientists say men shouldn’t worry about research suggesting the use of Wi-Fi on laptops can damage sperm, though they do recommend further investigation.


Toyota shows off smartphone-car hybrid

Toyota has unveiled a new concept car modeled after a smartphone, complete with a whole-body display and touchscreen doors.

Sydney Morning Herald

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