Webwire: Fox hacked in Obama death hoax; Baidu teams with MS

Webwire: Fox hacked in Obama death hoax; Baidu teams with MS

Dylan Bushell-Embling  |   July 05, 2011
Hackers breached a Fox News Twitter account, using it to post tweets claiming that US president Barack Obama had been shot and killed. In another incident, AntiSec claims to have stolen a small number of internal Apple usernames and passwords.
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Chinese search engine Baidu will partner with Bing to provide English-language search results, in a move that should help Microsoft expand its presence in a market Google has stepped back from due to its censorship dispute with the government.
Vodafone has debuted its own content channel on the Android Market in select European markets, revealing plans to focus on quality over quantity with the sub-store's app offerings.
ZTE has launched what it says is the world's first LTE micro base station, promising a 30% reduction in power consumption and an up to 50% decrease in hardware costs.
A review of previously-published research has concluded that the evidence increasingly suggests there is no link between handset use and brain tumors. The WHO recently classified cellphones as “possibly carcinogenic,” prompting alarmist headlines.
Pakistani international and long distance operators are considering taking key members of the PTA to court, after the telecom regulator suspended some fixed line licenses in alleged disregard for High Court orders restraining it from taking action.
UK operators have confirmed they are on track to launch their joint mobile payment service in the second half of the year.
Belgium 3G modem vendor Option has unveiled a new 3G security camera, that can be set up to notify users by SMS when motion or sound is detected.
Dylan Bushell-Embling

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