Webwire: Google beats Street in Q2; News Corp dumps BSkyB bid

Dylan Bushell-Embling
15 Jul 2011

Google beats Street with 36% profit growth

Google thoroughly surpassed Wall Street expectations with a 36% increase in Q2 profit to $2.5 billion, on the back of 32% higher revenue of $9.2 billion, belying fears the company is losing control of costs.


News Corp forced to abandon BSkyB bid

News Corp has abandoned its £7.8 billion (€8.86 billion) bid for full ownership of satellite broadcaster BskyB, after the coalition government pledged to block the deal in the wake of the phone hacking scandal at shuttered tabloid News of The World.


O2 announces LBS mobile voucher service

O2 has announced a location-based mobile voucher service in the UK, and plans to spend £6 billion ($9.7 million) marketing the service to its customers.

Financial Times

PayPal demos P2P NFC solution

PayPal has demonstrated a peer-to-peer NFC payment system developed for phones using the Android OS. The service will launch initially on the Samsung Nexus S.

The Inquirer

Pentagon data stolen in cyber attack

A March cyber attack believed to have been co-ordinated by a foreign government resulted in the theft of some 24,000 files containing Pentagon data, the US agency has disclosed.


MTN launches LTE pilot network

South Africa's MTN has launched a 100-site LTE pilot network, using gear provided by Huawei and Ericsson.


Samsung claims study shows plants are safe

Samsung claims a study it commissioned proves there was no link between manufacturing area conditions and six cases of leukemia in former employees, despite a court ruling finding a connection in two of the claims.

Wall Street Journal

Spotify finally launches in US

Streaming music service Spotify has launched in the US, after finally securing deals with the major record labels.


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