Webwire: Google's pre-emptive Maps strike; LinkedIn hacked

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Google pre-emptively teases Maps upgrade
Google has announced a host of initiatives to improve Google Maps, including plans to offer maps in 3D for some cities and to deploy planes and hikers mounted with cameras to improve Street View coverage, in a pre-emptive strike against Apple's rumored plans to replace the service in iOS6.
Sydney Morning Herald

LinkedIn passwords stolen, leaked online
Social networking site LinkedIn has confirmed that some of its users' passwords have been stolen and leaked online, but has not revealed how many. Reports claim more than 6 million passwords have been compromised.
The Australian

Apple asks court for US Galaxy S III injunction
Samsung will “vigorously oppose” Apple's request for a court injunction on Samsung launching its Galaxy S III into the US market, and insists that the US launch will go ahead as planned.

Samsung ups Linux pledge to $500k a year
Samsung has become a platinum sponsor of the Linux Foundation, pledging to pay $500,000 a year for a leadership role in the development of the platform.
The Inquirer 

AU minister left devices behind for China visit
Australian defense minister Stephen Smith reportedly left his delegation's laptops and smartphones behind in Hong Kong before traveling to mainland China, in a bid to protect the devices from being “compromised.”
Sydney Morning Herald

Facebook launches mobile only ad sales
Facebook has started offering a mobile-only “sponsored stories” package through its self-serve advertising market.
Business Insider

Parents fret over social media marketing
British parents are more concerned about their children being exposed to inappropriate marketing on social media sites than they are about traditional broadcast channels, a mother’s group claims.
The Telegraph

Nasdaq earmarks $40m for Facebook compensation
Nasdaq plans to offer $40 million in compensation for brokers whose orders were delayed or disrupted during the Facebook IPO, via cash and trading fee credits for affected brokers. But rival exchange NYSE warned that the proposal is anti-competitive and would set a harmful precedent.



5G and data center-friendly network architectures

Matt Walker / MTN Consulting

Webscale and transmission network operators' interests are aligning as the 5G era dawns

Matt Walker / MTN Consulting

Webscale and transmission network operators' interests are aligning as the 5G era dawns

Rémy Pascal / Analysys Mason

The launch of 5G by South Korean operators serves as a first benchmark for other operators around the world