Webwire: iPhone 4S breaks pre-order records; BlackBerry users suffer outage

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11 Oct 2011

iPhone 4S pre-orders hit a million

Pre-orders for Apple’s latest iPhone are breaking the firm’s own records, with a million devices requested in the first 24 hours compared to 600,000 for the previous model.


Data center outage kills BlackBerry services

A UK data center failure took down RIM BlackBerry services in Europe, Middle East and Africa yesterday.

The Telegraph

Samsung, Visa plot Olympics NFC phone

Samsung and Visa will join forces to develop an NFC-enabled phone for the 2012 London Olympics. The handset, which will come pre-loaded with Olympic content, will be released worldwide.


Vodafone AU class action stalled for lack of funds

The law firm pursuing the now 23,000 member class action lawsuit against Vodafone Australia has been unable to secure funding for the case, and will now look offshore for the injection needed to initiate legal action.

Sydney Morning Herald

iPhone to show “4G” on AT&T HSPA+

AT&T has confirmed it is working with Apple on an iOS update to the iPhone 4S that will show “4G” in the status bar when the max-14.4Mbps device is connected to the operator's HSPA+ network. AT&T was arguably partly responsible for blurring the definition of 4G to include HSPA+, leading to the ITU redefining the tag late last year.

This Is My Next

MS waiting to develop LTE, dual-core WP units

Microsoft is waiting to develop LTE-capable and dual-core Windows Phones until LTE connectivity components and mobile software respectively are mature enough to more efficiently support the features, mobile boss Andy Lees has revealed.

All Things Digital

Napster founders eye video chat

A new video chat website is being established by founders of the controversial Napster file sharing site. Airtime is backed to the tune of $8 million and is due to launch by the year end.


eBay likely to double mobile sales in 2011

eBay is on the way to doubling its mobile sales to $4 billion in gross merchandise volume this year, with three mobile purchases now made every second, according to the e-commerce firm's head of mobile.

Tech Crunch

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