Webwire: MS "extorting" Android: Google; Samsung gets US carrier allies

Staff writer
Samsung has settled a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft, agreeing to pay the latter royalties on all its Android devices. Google has lashed out in an official response, calling MS' legal wrangling an attempt to “extort profit from others' achievements.”
Samsung has gained a new US carrier ally – T-Mobile USA - in its fight against Apple's request for an injunction on some Galaxy sales in the US. Verizon had filed a court brief supporting Samsung's side last week.
Thai regulator NBTC has given CAT and True 30 days to amend their 3G network rental contracts to ensure the operators don't receive an unfair advantage from the partnership
Huawei has launched an enterprise unit in India. The vendor plans to take on 200 employees for the business before the year is out, and another 200 by the end of 2012.
American Express has forged its first Chinese electronic payment partnership - an online payment tie-up with Tencent Holdings.
Facebook expects to be “a mobile company” within one to two years, with half of the company's users connecting through mobile devices, according to mobile chief Eric Tseng.
The US Department of Justice has launched an extended review of Google's planned $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility, a process that could take months to conclude.
Two US lawmakers have urged the FTC to probe MSN's and Hulu's use of unremovable “supercookies,” to determine whether they breach privacy and limit consumer choice.