Webwire: MS seeks $15 cut from Galaxy sales; SE to make TD-LTE phones

Webwire: MS seeks $15 cut from Galaxy sales; SE to make TD-LTE phones

Dylan Bushell-Embling  |   July 07, 2011
MS wants $15 from each Samsung Android device
Microsoft, in its patent claim against Samsung, is reportedly seeking a $15 cut of each device the vendor ships using Google's Android OS. Apple has also filed yet another patent complaint against Samsung – this time a request for the ITC to ban US imports of the Galaxy line of devices.
Sony Ericsson will work in co-operation with China Mobile to develop TD-LTE phones - probably out of the vendor's new Beijing R&D centre - with an eye to launching the first such device next year.
Facebook has announced a new video calling service it has developed in partnership with Skype, hinting that the product will be rolled out in the next few weeks or months.
The Portuguese government has agreed to eliminate its “golden share” special voting rights in Portugal Telecom, in preparation for a sale of state assets as part of a $111 million bailout agreement with the IMF.
Twitter is in negotiations over an investment funding round that would value it at as high as $7 billion, according to sources, as it continues its strategy of pursuing private placements rather than conducting an IPO.
Chinese search firm Baidu will collaborate with Huashu Media Internet company to jointly develop IPTV products, in a play to provide search functionality to the nation's TV viewers.
Former Flextronics executive Walter Shimoon has plead guilty to leaking confidential information about the iPhone 4 and iPad in an insider trading scandal, and now faces up to 30 years in jail.
Indian handset maker Techcom is targeting an up to 3% share of the domestic mass mobile market by the end of the fiscal year, and will invest 1 billion rupees ($22.5 million) in branding and marketing over the next three years to pursue its growth ambitions.
Dylan Bushell-Embling

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