Webwire: Reports of Syria iPhone ban; PLDT bids for rest of Digitel

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06 Dec 2011

Syria said to ban iPhone use

The Syrian government is reported to have banned the use of the iPhone, in a bid to crack down on coverage of the ongoing protests against president Bashar Assad. Steve Jobs' biological father, John Jandali, has used a YouTube video to denounce the regime and voice his support for the protesters.

Los Angeles Times

PLDT makes offer for remaining Digitel shares

The Philippines' PLDT has launched an offer for any the remaining 49.45% stake in Digitel it does not yet own, following the $1.6 billion takeover announced in March and finally approved by regulators in October.

BusinessWorld Online

RIM Indonesia CEO to be charged over riot

Indonesian police will charge the CEO of RIM's Indonesian business with negligence for his part in organizing last month's BlackBerry Belagio launch in Jakarta, which ended in riots due to the rush to take advantage of the 50% discount offered to the first 1,000 customers.


ITC to rule on Apple-HTC case next week

The ITC is set to rule next week on Apple's patent violation case against HTC. This will be the first final verdict in any of Apple's numerous patent cases against Android handset vendors.


Telstra stock trending up after years of declines

Shares in Australian operator Telstra have been trending upward for most of the year, ending a long-term trend of annual declines that commenced with the dotcom crash at the turn of the century.

Sydney Morning Herald

Wikileaks founder gets stay of extradition

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has won court permission to take his fight to avoid extradition to Sweden - where he is facing sex offence charges - to the British Supreme Court.

Daily Mirror

RIM execs fired for causing ruckus on flight

RIM has fired two executives for getting drunk and acting recklessly on a trans-pacific flight, forcing the plane to be diverted.

Herald Sun

Catholic bishop denounces mobiles

A Paraguayan Catholic bishop has denounced mobile phones as “accursed... tools of sin,” which ease access to pornography and make it easier to engage in “inappropriate relations.”

Associated Press

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