What to expect at MWC

What to expect at MWC

Ovum  |   February 27, 2012
OvumMobile World Congress 2012 (MWC) promises to reveal further progress made by operators on their journey to profitability. A growing realization of their role and influence in the ecosystem will be apparent at the event, as will a more open approach to capitalizing on revenue and cost-saving opportunities. However, MWC 2012 will not see telcos arriving at the world "which is to come". The work required in customer experience management shows that there is still a long way to go, but it is evident that telcos are beginning to find the way.
Moving on from the data Vanity Fair
The progress made by operators in responding to the increase in mobile data traffic will be interesting to note at this year's event. Operators are beginning to set aside old assumptions, prejudices, and ways of doing business. While there is no doubt that we will hear a lot about quality of service in relation to monetizing data traffic, this will be less antagonistic than in the past.
We also expect to see more evidence of maturity and pragmatism from operators, and fewer demands that everyone must play by their rules. Operators' growing realization of their position in the ecosystem means that the watchwords at MWC will be "partnership" and "co-operation" as telcos look to minimize the impact that mobile data traffic growth will have on their profitability. Although there will be more LTE announcements, we do not expect LTE to be portrayed as the ultimate answer to operators' problems. Instead, it will be one part of the wider solution.
– Steven Hartley, Telco Strategy
Wi-Fi becomes part of the mobile highway
Wi-Fi will be a major infrastructure theme at this year’s MWC. There have already been several product announcements prior to the conference, highlighted by Alcatel-Lucent's lightRadio Wi-Fi introduction. However, the biggest Wi-Fi story at the event will be Ericsson's major endorsement of the technology, which has been demonstrated by its recent acquisition of BelAir Networks. While Wi-Fi was once merely tolerated by the mobile community, this year’s event will fully cement the technology as an integral part of mobile operators’ infrastructure strategies.
– Daryl Schoolar, Networks & Infrastructure


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