Wi-Fi hack in a dongle

Staff writer
15 Jun 2010

From the We're-Not-Surprised Dept: entrepreneurs in China are cashing in on consumer demand for free Wi-Fi access by selling Wi-Fi USB dongles that include network key-cracking kits.

The USB dongles come bundled with key-breaking software and a detailed instruction book that make it easy even for users with little tech-savvy to hack their way past WEP and WPA security to a free Wi-Fi connection.

According to Computerworld Hong Kong, the kits sell for as cheap as 165 yuan ($24) - which includes setup help.

The kits are of course illegal, but it's unclear who is bundling them together. One adapter maker, Taipei-based Wifly-City, says it doesn't provide the software, and a developer of BackTrack (the Linux-based OS installed on the dongles) says the OS was developed for penetration testing, not malicious attacks.

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