Wi-Fi offload for mobile data a temporary fix

Jessica Scarpati
01 Mar 2010

Although often made into the whipping boy of mobile data traffic problems because of its relationship with Apple's iPhone, AT&T claims to operate the largest US Wi-Fi network, with more than 20,000 hotspots, according to spokeswoman Jenny Bridges.

More than 30 million qualifying AT&T customers have Wi-Fi access included with their plan at no additional charge, she said. In 2009, these customers made four times as many Wi-Fi connections, 85.5 million, as they had done in the previous year.

"We feel that Wi-Fi provides a bridge between [wired and wireless broadband networks]," Bridges wrote in an emailed statement. "It allows us to offer speed and mobility -- and flexibility for the customer to choose the best connection for their location, device and needs," she added. "We work to optimize bandwidth across our networks, which helps us manage operational expenses associated with increasing capacity and traffic management."

This article originally appeared on SearchTelecom.com