Will that be cash or mobile, ma'am‾

Lorane Poersch
15 Jun 2007

The current talk in the mobile space is that the mobile consumer doesn't want to understand the technology - they just want a seamless user-experience on their mobile.We need to think beyond this and realize that it's not actually the mobile experience but the lifestyle experience a consumer is connected to via their mobile. That is the future. And the future was virtually last week.

In 2005, I wrote: "Until recently, there were two items that most individuals would not leave home without; keys and money. The mobile has entered this elite club and the cultural impact of that is staggering. In time, like the proverbial Pacman, it may even eat the other two up."

The time is upon us and the mobile is in the process of devouring both money and keys.

The swipe of the mobile as cash, keys and identification provides secure, easy access to mobile consumers' lifestyle activities from shopping to dining to entertainment. It's time to pay attention to the mobile's cultural impact and its endless possibilities.

NTT DoCoMo is the leader of the pack with its Osaifu-Keitai e-wallet services and its mobile credit service launched last year. As of March this year, the number of Osaifu-Keitai compatible handsets in the market sat at 20.8 million and the number of Mobile Credit "DCMX" subscribers at two million.The rest of the industry needs to catch up with a comprehensive micro-payment system to capture untapped revenues that await.

Since 2002, Crazyfunbabe has been developing mobile lifestyle content for women. That's not just a plug - oil, gold and pork bellies may drive the world economy but if women stopped spending money for a day, just watch the global markets tumble.

The beauty and fashion industries alone generate revenues of GBP90 billion (US$179 billion) a year. When we put this new spending weapon, the mobile phone, in the hands of women aged 16-35, the potential is limitless.

Imagine an instant message appearing on a girl's phone, announcing "Girls Night Out" at the hottest new club. The message hits the mobile screens of all the girls in the group with an alert granting VIP access to the club. It's last minute, but a girl can't pass it up, and of course, she's got to look good. She runs to the subway and with the swipe of her phone she boards the train. She checks her alerts for the latest in fashion and the greatest special offers from her favorite clothing store.

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