Winning in the next-gen SMB market

Sponsored by Huawei
15 Jul 2013

Managed services for enterprises in the telecom space has traditionally been targeted at multinationals (MNCs), and with good reason. Not only do they have bigger budgets than SMBs, they also tend to require the connectivity, geographic reach, scale and reliability that telcos can provide. The needs of SMBs have typically been fairly modest in comparison.

But that is changing, and changing fast. The communications needs of SMBs have grown far beyond a managed PBX and a DSL connection. SMBs have the desire and the ability to leverage ICT tools from VoIP and data centers to enterprise resource planning systems and hosted apps to build affordable, flexible platforms for sustainable growth. They also want to be able to leverage mobility for even greater efficiencies, if only to harness some controls over all the smartphones and tablets being brought onto their LANs.

This report, sponsored by Huawei, is based on an online survey in May and June open to telcos of all stripes in the South Asia-Pacific region, as well as several follow-up interviews with executives at Tier-1 carriers.

Download this report to learn how telcos can break into the next-gen SMB market.

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