Wireless handset RF front-end optimization

4G Americas
11 Nov 2014

This white paper discusses the importance of an optimized RF front-end design and architecture to support new and fragmented spectrum bands proposing solutions without sacrificing performance of the device.

It also identifies opportunities with current RF front-end design and architecture and discusses potential solutions. Different hardware/software (HW/SW) solutions have advantages and/or limitations and ultimately spectrum harmonization remains an efficient way to optimize the RF front-end.

The paper also serves the purpose of educating key stakeholders such as press, analysts, carriers, vendors, device manufacturers and application developers.

This paper illustrates, for the non-RF expert, the changes that are occurring in the RF front-end as the mobile radio system generation evolves to 4G and beyond. Details on the higher-level trends in the mobile radio system will not be discussed; rather, this paper will refer to existing documents to cover those details.

This white paper originally published on 4G Americas website

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