Workz Group launches world's smallest SIM OS

Daily News

Telecoms subscriber products manufacturer Workz Group has announced the launch of what it says is the world's most lightweight SIM OS.

The Z-OS operating system is around 40% smaller than other SIM operating systems on the market, providing operators with greater opportunity to add VAS and revenue-generating features to subscriber SIM cards.

Z-OS was soft-launched in May and has been tested in various markets, demonstrating the ability to support secure over-the-air management of applications.

The product complies with major SIM standards defined by the ISO, ETSI, 3GPP, Global Platform, Oracle Java card, SIM Alliance and the GSMA as well as its proposed eSIM specification, and is designed to be compatible with both Java and native products.

Z-OS is available from all major chipset manufacturers and is interoperable with all mobile network technologies.

It is being offered in conjunction with Workz's latest SIM product, the 3-in-1 seamless half SIM, which is designed to use 50% of the plastic of a traditional SIM card and work on any handset by allowing users to select which SIM module size to push out.

“We’re very proud to develop the world’s most efficient SIM operating system. The Z-OS is a significant technological advancement which allows us to provide network operators with more customized applications on the SIM card to engage subscribers,” Workz CEO Brad Taylor said.

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