THE WRAP: Another iPhone, another security breach

THE WRAP: Another iPhone, another security breach

Robert Clark  |   June 11, 2010
This week Steve Jobs gave the world another iPhone and suffered another security embarrassment.
In the usual manner, Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4, the finished version of the model that was left in a bar some weeks back. 
It offers higher resolution, multi-tasking and a video telephony app, Facetime, that Jobs wants to make an industry standard
The device is available in Japan now, and coming soon in Hong Kong, Singapore and India, operators said
The FBI launched a probe into an AT&T security breach that exposed the email addresses of 114,000 iPad users, including high-fliers Michael Bloomberg and Dianne Sawyer. 
iPhone and iPad manufacturer Foxconn announced yet another pay hike for its Shenzhen workforce.
Google’s new subsidiary AdMob complained that Apple’s new developers’ terms created unfair barriers to competitors offering mobile ads.
China claimed its citizens “enjoy freedom of speech” online and said its heavy web censorship was essential for state security.
The rollout of fresh trans-Pacific cables in the past 18 months has driven a steep fall in prices, with more to come, said TeleGeography.
Alcatel-Lucent won a $500 million contract to build a new club cable along Africa’s west coast. 
Hong Kong Broadband Networks won a settlement on fixed-mobile interconnection fees stretching back to 2002.

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