THE WRAP: Apple soars, Jobs steals the show


THE WRAP: Apple soars, Jobs steals the show

Robert Clark  |   October 22, 2010
This week Apple’s profit soared again, but Steve Jobs stole the headlines.
Announcing an iPhone 4-fueled rise in Apple profit, Steve Jobs cast doubt over Android’s sales figures and dissed the Android OS and RIM’s new tablet.
Rival Nokia reported a €529 million ($741m) profit – compared with a loss a year ago - but plans to cut 1,800 jobs.
After years of scares about the IP address shortage, this time it’s real – the world will run out of IPv4 addresses in a few months.
The Australian government introduced legislation to split Telstra, but called for support from other parties to get it passed.
Symbian Foundation chief Lee Williams resigned suddenly as speculation mounted over the future of the handset OS. Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s head of software and the company’s chief cloud advocate, also stepped down unexpectedly.
China Mobile increased earnings but fell just shy of forecasts.
South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan topped a global poll of broadband speed and quality. 
Telstra and VHA said they would end their network sharing agreement in 2012.
CSL said its 4G network was ready for service, while Chunghwa and Alcatel-Lucent teamed up for LTE trials in Taiwan.
IBM boosted its profit but the volume of service contracts fell in the quarter, as Gartner forecast “timid” corporate IT spending over the next five years.
Baidu’s profit doubled and Amazon’s rose 16%, but investors marked it down because of rising expansion costs.
Microsoft took Office to the cloud, Google launched Demo Slam, and Apple imported iPad features – like flash-based instant bootup - into its new MacBook Air.

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