THE WRAP: Doing the Nokia shuffle, HTC hits back

THE WRAP: Doing the Nokia shuffle, HTC hits back

Robert Clark  |   May 14, 2010
This week Nokia executives once more swapped offices, HTC fired a legal volley at Apple, and Bharti just fired away.
With its smartphone market share in freefall, Nokia retired mobile phones chief Rick Simonson at it reshuffled management for the fourth time in three years.
HTC responded to Apple’s patent suit with one of its own, claiming that the iPhone and iPad used five of its patents without authorization.
Verizon Wireless said it was working with Google on a tablet.
Adobe began an advertising campaign aimed at Apple.
Android outsold the iPhone in Q1, according to research firm NPD, while another survey found that nearly a quarter of US households use only a mobile phone
Bharti Airtel described as “shocking, arbitrary and retrograde” a proposal by TRAI to charge cellcos for 2G spectrum already allocated for free.
Alcatel-Lucent faces a bill as high as NZ$100 million ($72m) over the Telecom New Zealand’s 3G network failures.
Cisco chief John Chambers declared the recession over after the vendor hiked profit 63%, but its stock fell after sales missed analysts’ expectations. 
SAP collared Sybase for $5.8 billion, aiming to take its software to the mobile user.
Indosat weighed a sell-off of its $1.9 billion mobile towers business. Telstra lost a long-running legal battle over its wholesale prices.
Sony halved its full-year loss to $437 million, but Sony Ericsson handset sales fell 37%.
MTNL posted a $350 million net loss for the quarter.
SingTel quarterly earnings rose 12% thanks to foreign currency gains. 
In another copyright victory for the music and movie industries, a US court ruled against file-sharing service LimeWire.
M1 opened an app store, SK Telecom and Disney set up a JV to offer Disney channels in Korea, and the KCC said it would cap promotional spending by Korean carriers.
Yet another worker at the Foxconn plant in southern China committed suicide, taking the total to six for the year.   The company is the world’s biggest electronics manufacturer, building the iPhone, iPad and other devices.
Sprint said it would launch its first Wimax phone - the HTC EVO 4G - on June 4.
Microsoft released a free online version of Office that allows people to store documents on the web. 
After yet another privacy flap, Facebook strengthened login security.
And President Obama warned that in the digital media age information was becoming “a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment.”
Robert Clark

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