THE WRAP: iPhone 4 mania, Thai 3G on-hold


THE WRAP: iPhone 4 mania, Thai 3G on-hold

Robert Clark  |   October 01, 2010
This week it was iPhone 4-mania in China and back to the drawing board for Thai 3G.
China Unicom stopped taking orders for the iPhone 4 even before it officially went on sale, selling out of its initial stock of 200,000.
Thai regulator NTC canceled its 3G auction after the Supreme Court upheld an earlier decision that the agency had no authority to conduct the sale.
Apple and Nokia took their patent suit to the UK. 
The European Commission called off an anti-trust inquiry into Apple after it revised its app development rules.
India set new rules requiring independent audits on imported telecom gear.
Equinix announced a new $70 million Tokyo data center, while China Telecom opened new facilities in Hong Kong and Singapore.     
ZTE lined up $57 million in vendor financing from the African Export Import Bank to help African telcos buy its equipment.
A France Telecom-led consortium announced a $76 million Indian Ocean cable. Hibernia Atlantic planned the first trans-Atlantic cable since the dotcom bubble ten years ago.
Telstra unveiled yet another transformation program aimed at boosting efficiency, and is set to wield the axe on 6,000 jobs. 
UAE telco Etisalat weighed a bid for Kuwaiti-based Zain.

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