THE WRAP: An NBN deal, an LTE debut

Robert Clark
26 Nov 2010
Daily News
This week the Australian government cut a deal to get the NBN passed, while Apple called off its embedded SIM plan.
The Australian NBN looks certain to go ahead after the legislation passed the Senate. Key independents forced the government to reveal that the project would cost A$35.7 billion ($35.1b), with A$27 billion to be paid by public funds.

Under the plan, Telstra would be paid A$14 billion, which CEO David Thodey says might be used to fund acquisitions.

Apple gave up on its embedded SIM scheme – at least for now - after European cellcos threatened to pull iPhone subsidies.

Chinese messaging provider Tencent and anti-virus firm Qihoo apologized over their recent dispute, which caused millions of users to be cut off.
A Japanese trading firm bought $300 million in rare earth minerals from an Australian mining house after a deal between the two governments.

Yet another Malaysian Wimax network debuted, with YTL promising to spend $850 million on buildout.
China began a six-month mobile number portability trial in Hainan and Tianjin. India introduced it in Haryana state.

Samsung sold 600,000 Galaxy Tabs in the first month.
Asian smartphone purchases soared threefold in Q3.

Acer unveiled five new devices and an app store.