WWW Foundation launches Open Data Lab

eGov Innovation editors
11 Feb 2015
Daily News

The World Wide Web Foundation launched its first Open Data Lab in Jakarta last week to explore open data solutions to challenges facing Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

The lab is the first in a planned network of Labs that will experiment to accelerate progress and ensure that open data rapidly becomes a vital tool to tackle practical problems in developing and emerging economies.

In the World Wide Web Foundation’s recently released Open Data Barometer, Indonesia ranked 36th, the top-ranked emerging economy and the biggest climber in the 86-country study. This reflects the increasing readiness, implementation and impact of open data in the country.

“(Indonesian) President Jokowi has laid out a vision of an Indonesia with less corruption, greater transparency and enhanced democratic participation. Open data, accessed through a free and open Web, has the potential to deliver these benefits,” said Jose M. Alonso, head of the Web Foundation’s Open Data program.

“Through our plans for capacity building and innovation, we are confident the Open Data Lab will play a significant role in achieving these aims, benefitting all Indonesians and sparking a movement across Southeast Asia.”

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