XConnect, IPV ally for global video calls

Michael Carroll
01 Feb 2012
Daily News

Network peering firm XConnect is teaming with IP interconnection outfit IPV to cash in on a predicted surge in video traffic carried on IP networks through 2012.

The pair is combining XConnect’s ENUM registry services with IPV’s Federated Inter-Xchange (FIX) to route calls between video endpoints and across multiple networks. The duo claims the integration will allow customers to standardize their dialing formatsacross private and public networks, while still utilizing existing internal dialing plans.

XConnect chief Eli Katz says the partnership will make it as easy to place a video call as it is to make a voice call today, while IPV president Pat Montani notes the collaboration “opens up the video space so that end users can maximize return on their video investment.”

Cisco predicts video will account for at least half of all global consumer internet traffic by end-2012, and that IP networks will handle a million minutes of video per second.

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