Yooya exceeds 4b views

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Future TV Asia

Yooya said it has achieved over four billion lifetime views, with more than 2.75 billion added in the last seven months, driven by a combination of an increasing number of distribution partners and a growing stream of compelling new content.

This development coincides with Yooya securing $3 million at a post-money valuation of $13 million in its Series Seed financing round.

FastForward Innovations led the latest investment round, with previous investor Dream Incubator of Tokyo also joining the round.

Yooya has been instrumental in helping content producers monetize China's fragmented online video market by providing a single platform for content distribution, rights management, and advertising solutions.

Yooya brings together many key components essential to the equation, including licensing at scale, automated ad sales, consolidated data and analytics, and simplified content distribution.

For advertisers looking to tap into the large-scale engagement online video in China offers, Yooya provides a single point of contact to access distribution across all major video platforms and access to hundreds of channels, covering key advertising demographics and interest categories.

"This growth means that finally there is a viable managed platform on which to build better monetization and more effective video-based advertising," said Yooya CEO Rick Myers.

Currently with over 200 million network views on average per month, Yooya predicts it will hit more than 800 million video views per month before the end of 2016, representing month-on-month growth of 40%.



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