YTL launches $850m Wimax network

John C. Tanner
22 Nov 2010
Daily News
Lee said YTL Communications – which is investing around $800 million on its network – would deploy another 1,000 base stations to extend network coverage to 80% of the population by the end of 2011. YTL also plans to launch an IPTV service over Wimax using a hybrid video solution from Sezmi by the end of next year.
YTL Communications executives also declined to comment on whether they plan to stick with Wimax or migrate to rival technology TD-LTE in the near future.
Qualcomm struck an agreement with rival Wimax player AsiaSpace last month to explore TD-LTE
All of the country’s Wimax and cellular operators have reportedly been assigned 20-MHz blocks of 2.6 GHz spectrum for LTE  deployments starting in 2013.
Malaysia’s broadband penetration – including Wimax – currently stands at 54.5%, according to Malaysia’s Information, Communications, and Culture Ministry.